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Research Design Service London

South London team at KCL

RDS London Core Team, based at KCL


Dr Ali Abbasi, Research Advisor
Dr Alison Bish, Research Advisor
Dr Helen Booth, Research Advisor

Dr Caroline Burgess, Senior Research Advisor
Caroline has a BSc in Psychology from City University and a PhD from the University of London. Her research career has focussed mainly on health psychology and cancer, most recently contributing to the development and evaluation of an intervention to promote early presentation of breast cancer amongst older women. This work was conducted with the KCL Promoting Early Presentation Group at the Institute of Psychiatry. In 2010 Caroline moved to a joint post with RDS London as a senior research adviser and research fellow with the Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences, researching continuity of care and patient safety in chronic medical conditions.
Dr Dorota Juszczyk, Research Advisor

Dr Nicola Metrebian, Research Advisor

Rachel Phillips, Research Advisor
Dr James Shearer, Health Economics Advisor
Dr Alison Wright, Health Psychology Lead


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