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If you are wishing to apply for the HEE/NIHR Pre-doctoral Clinical Academic Fellowship (PCAF), please ensure that you select the Funding Stream ‘Other’ and state in the ‘Documentation/About your study’ section that you will be applying for the PCAF.

To request free individual advice from our RDS London advisors on your funding application, please complete the form below (* starred fields are compulsory).

You may find it helpful to look at our online guidance and resources for designing research studies and applying for funding. If you are unsure, please check whether RDS can help: RDS London can provide free design and methodological review to applied health or social care researchers who are developing research funding applications to NIHR and other open, national, peer-reviewed funding programmes. 

We will usually not be able to provide individual support if researchers contact us less than four weeks before submission, as our experts are unlikely to be able to offer any meaningful support in this time frame, especially because we may be already facilitating many other applications for that grant round. If it is less than four weeks until the deadline, please consider attending one of our drop-in sessions for on-the-spot advice, instead of completing this form.

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Our ‘How can we help?’, FAQ and RDS London charter pages outline the support we can offer. If you have already been funded and require additional research advice, please contact your local R&D department:[LINK]


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