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Fast-track review service
Most major funders ask applicants to provide a plain English summary of their proposed research. This is a summary written for members of the public and non-specialist audiences. It is something which is becoming increasingly important to funders, with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) now stipulating that applicants provide a ‘good quality’ plain English summary.

Public involvement is key to writing a good quality plain English summary. Members of the public can help to ensure the language used is easy to read and that the information provided gives audiences a full understanding of the research.

RDS London’s Fast-Track Review Service gives researchers the opportunity to involve members of the public in the development of their plain English summary. The Fast-Track Review Service is made up of a panel of 14 lay reviewers who review drafts of plain English summaries. Each summary is seen by two lay reviewers who provide feedback (via email) within 7 days.

It has been set up to help researchers who face difficulties in facilitating public involvement in the development their funding application due to time constraints and not having links with relevant members of the public. However, the service is open to any researcher at any level.

To use the Fast-Track Review Service, please ask your general advisor. If you do not have a general advisor, you will need to submit a support request form and be assigned one.